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The Dance of Birth

I see the world as a dance; electrons around the protons and neutrons, the planets around the sun, the dance of the seasons, and the wind in the trees, even the blood through the rhythm of the heart sustaining our cells. All dances happen with such perfect harmony that life goes on. For me, this is beautiful movement.

When very young I saw my mom laboring, bathed in the light of candles. I didn’t see labor; I saw her dance, her rhythm and her breathing, all in such perfect harmony.

That’s when I fell in love with birth and how it connects us with our primal instincts, with the dance of life.

It doesn’t matter if you choose to have a medicated or natural birth, or need a C-section. These things don’t have anything to do with that connection to our primal instincts. It will happen; it will connect you with so many layers of yourself. This connection is magical and profound, if you open yourself to the unknown. As one steps into an unfamiliar, unlit room, they will usually need guidance. I believe my role as a doula is to be the person that says it is okay to step into the dark, to see yourself as you truly are, with all your strength and power that is present in all women.

I am here to give you my steady hand and guide you through the darkness until you meet your Sun. Women are goddesses, and as such, have all the wisdom inside and when guided, are capable of unimaginable things. We are usually stronger and more powerful than how we see ourselves to be. Women supporting women…it is how it is…it is how it always was.

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