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Youth Doula Initiative


Birthing Gently Youth Doula Initiative is a remarkable program that aims to address the gap in birth doula accessibility by training and empowering young individuals between the ages of 17-20 to provide support to families in the community. The program's focus on training youth doulas to work with pregnant individuals who are seeking support from someone of similar age is a unique and innovative approach.By providing birth doula workshops in local high schools, the program is not only equipping young individuals with valuable skills but also empowering them to take an active role in their communities. This initiative has the potential to not only bridge the gap in access to birth doula services but also provide a sense of belonging and connection to the community among young people.The program's focus on expanding the workforce within communities and providing access to patients on Medicaid is also commendable. This could help to increase the availability of birth doula services, particularly in underserved communities, and promote more equitable access to care.Overall, Birthing Gently Youth Doula Initiative is a thoughtful and forward-thinking program that has the potential to make a significant impact on the lives of young individuals and families in the community.


Program History

·      2023- Haverhill High School, Haverhill MA (6 Birth Doulas Trained)

·      2024- Haverhill Highs School, Haverhill MA (11 Doulas Trained)




Thank You so very much for continuing to support our program the way you do!  Our students are benefitting from your expertise in amazing ways and we are so grateful to have you in our community.  We were so impressed with the students' reflections of the course. It is clear they learned a lot about their future career choices but also how to support women in the birthing process. It is wonderful how much they were able to get out of this experience.

The comments from the students speak volumes about how they feel about the value of your work. Kristin Hentschel RN, BSN Health Assisting Instructor,CTE Healthcare Occupations Program, Haverhill High School


The course "gave me a pathway for my future as well."

I feel it opens new possibilities for me in the future

Being a Doula means to provide unwavering support to your client without judgment or their choices, Its about making their experience as special as possible and making sure their birth plan is fulfilled, and its about a connection with your client where you can advocate for them to their healthcare team - HHS Student



PAY ATTENTION this is great information

This course is helpful to understand the basic and ethical side of the pregnancy period. Even nurses and doctors my benefit from learning about practice that may focus on the mothers' needs rather than the clinical aspect. - HHS Student



The Program

·      Workshops are in-person

·      Workshops are 3 school days in length

·      6 student min – 10 student max

·      This workshop is specifically designed for participants who are interested in pursuing a career in healthcare, particularly in maternal and child health, and are considering further education or training in this field.

·      This workshop is the first step toward Birth Doula Certification. Students will receive certificates of completion for the Birth Doula workshop. Birthing Gently will mentor students interested in pursuing certification.


Interested in bringing a Birth Doula Workshop to your High School?

Please contact us here!


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