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About Us

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Birthing Gently was established in 2002 as Boston’s first doula agency by founder Tara Campbell, CD(DONA),BDT(DONA),LCCE

In 2021 BGMH accepted an invitation to join Mass General Brigham in the “United Against Racism Project”.  As a full spectrum Doula-Agency we have been committed to supporting families through fertility & pre-conception, prenatal education, pregnancy, labor and birth, adoption, loss, lactation support, assisting families as they transition into early parenthood by providing postpartum, childcare specialist services and pet services. The services we offer are provided by trained, experienced, and professional doulas. 

Birth Doula Services

You will receive professional and personalized care from our doulas during your pregnancy, birth and immediate postpartum period. Our practice includes birth doulas with specialization in various aspects of birth; our goal is to ensure you have a satisfying birth experience no matter what you choose. Whether you are planning a home birth, water birth, hospital birth or scheduled cesarean section, Birthing Gently will provide you with the judgment free, evidence-based educational, physical and emotional support that you deserve. Our doulas can also help bring important cultural traditions to labor, birth & postpartum period. Birthing Gently is known for its specialization and support with high-risk patients. Birthing Gently has been in the forefront of supporting “Family Centered Cesarean Birth,” particularly in conjunction with Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

Postpartum Doula Services

Once at home there are many adjustments for families with new babies. During the postpartum period our doulas are specifically trained to support families as they transition to these changing roles. Services can include newborn care and teaching, infant feeding support, self-care for birthing person, sleep support, meal planning and preparation, grocery shopping and errands, sibling care, light housekeeping, or accompaniment to medical appointments.                       

Fertility & Pre-conception support

Understanding our bodies is a critical part of achieving health and wellness. Whether you are trying to manage painful periods, navigating challenging conditions such as PCOS or endometriosis, or preparing your body, mind and spirit to be in optimal health for conception, we provide consistent, ongoing support on your reproductive health journey. With this package you will receive 15 hours of support (virtual or in-person). This can be spread out over a three-month period. Support can include nutrition information, assistance with meal planning, attendance at provider appointments or procedures. You will receive judgment free, evidence-based educational, physical and emotional support that you deserve.

Prenatal Education

Enjoy a private childbirth education class taught in the comfort of your own home, adapted to your busy schedule. These classes cover a variety of topics; because of the individual nature of classes, they are customized to your personal birth preferences.

Lactation Support Services Lactation support through our private breastfeeding class, and in-home lactation support services

from our CLC on staff.

Childcare Specialist

Families transitioning from Postpartum Doula Services who are still looking for support and childcare can utilize our Childcare Specialist services. Services include childcare & sibling care. 

Dog & Pet Doula Services Services

Providing companionship and maintaining pet routines while caring for them in their owner's absence. Exercise ranging from walks through play. Feeding, water, brushing, administering medication if needed. Plenty of one-on-one pampering.

Professional Education

Birthing Gently provides professional education in the form of DONA International Birth Doula Workshops, Breastfeeding Workshops. Are you ready to become a DONA International birth doula? Our professional, unique and unparalleled teaching style ensures you will have the tools and resources necessary to start on your journey as a birth professional. Offering an engaging and unique teaching style, allowing students the opportunity to learn in a supportive classroom environment. Please see our Professional Education page for more details.

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