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Lactation Education & Consultations 

Prenatal Breastfeeding Class

3-Hour Private, $300

Virtual or In-Person

This class focuses on how expecting parents can personally prepare for an upcoming breastfeeding journey.

In this class, we will:

  • Set individual breastfeeding goals

  • Curate a list of essential items for your home, including nursing stations

  • Create a network of professionals to support you in & out of the home

  • Explore evidence based resources to help you make educated, informed decisions on how you want to feed your baby.

  • Select a pump that is right for you, fit you for correct flange size, explore bottle feeding, and the positive attributes of pacifiers

  • Prepare for what to expect during the first 24 hours & 2 weeks of your baby’s life

  • Introduce and address early challenges & feeding cues

  • Learn the amazing power of skin to skin after birth

  • Teach you how to confidently hand expression & understand the important role it has in increasing & sustaining milk supply.

  • Always remind you that, “you are enough.”


Lactation Counseling Support


Virtual or In-Person

Lactation support when you need it most. The key to a successful breastfeeding relationship is SUPPORT.

Let me support you, your baby and your goals.

As your CLC, I will:

  • Provide a latch assessment

  • Introduce you to different nursing positions to support your recovering body & new baby

  • Create a personalized approach to breastfeeding related to your baby’s needs, your parenting style, previous experiences, & family customs

  • Ensure you are managing the physical, nutritional, & psychological aspects of your desired breastfeeding relationship

  • Make referrals for medical diagnosis & treatment to ensure lactating parent & baby are happy, comfortable, & thriving

*Please note that lactation counseling services are not covered by insurance. 

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