Tara Campbell, CD(DONA),BDT(DONA),LCCE / Founder of Birthing Gently

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"You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have" ~Cayla Mills

Tara Campbell is a certified Birth Doula (2001) & Birth Doula Trainer with DONA International (2006), Childbirth Educator through Lamaze International (2003), founded Birthing Gently Doula Services and Professional education in 2002, and BGMH in 2013. Tara has trained over 9,000 birth doulas (since 2006).
In collaboration with certain providers, she has been on the forefront of implementing the “Family Centered Cesarean Section” approach. 

She currently works as an adolescent educator ,and cesarean section educator with obstetrical patients at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston MA.  Currently teaches DONA International Birth Doula workshops. Works closely with the supportive staff at Birthing Gently while managing daily administrative duties. Manages the Birthing Gently Maternal Health Community Doula Program, including Mass General Brigham's United Against Racism Doula Project. 
Accepting high risk clients, scheduled cesarean birth clients delivering at Brigham and Womens Hospital, and available for the unique needs of high profile clients on a limited basis.  
Although she had the opportunity to witness a wide variety of births, her main interest lies in working with maternal and fetal high-risk OB patients. Specific areas of interest include: congenital and structural heart disease, psychiatric illness, epilepsy, intellectual disability, spinal disorders (scoliosis, spina bifida, and tethered spinal cord syndrome), cerebral palsy, placenta accreta, VATER syndrome and neuroblastoma.

She acquired great knowledge after having the opportunity to work in other related departments such as antepartum, the newborn nursery, OR, post- op, pediatrics, emergency department and postpartum. It wasn’t long before she realized that “home” was in the labor and delivery unit and ignited the passion that redirected her down the doula path.

Tara has been a childbirth educator in a variety of settings including hospitals, private institutions and federal funded community based programs with a focus on curriculum development for teens, multiples and same sex couples. 

Some of her major accomplishments include

  • The creation and inception the BGMH Community Doula Program  established in 2013 in collaboration with the Midwifery Practice at Massachusetts General Hospital. The goal of this program is to provide Birth Doula support to low income and at-risk patients through MGB (Mass General Brigham) who meet the program criteria.

  • In 2021 BGMH accepted an invitation to join Mass General Brigham Birth Partners “United Against Racism Project”. In collaboration with Mass General Brigham, BGMH will accept additional patients selected through this grant funded project. 

  • In 2022 BGMH accepted a second invitation to join Mass General Brigham Birth Partners "United Against Racism Project. This grant funded program will train community doulas to serve MGB patients. 

  • Collaborated with Enon’s Doula Ministry Program in Philadelphia PA tin 2021 to increase the community doula population and provide tuition assistance for members who wish to train as a Birth Doulas.

  • Faculty educator at Birthwise Midwifery school in Bridgton Maine (2007-2021).

  • Faculty educator at Birthroots in Portland Maine (2006-2020).

  • Instructor at Harvard University (2011, 2013 & 2018) The Doulas Role in Birth: A Personal Journey. Course: Human Evolution, Locomotion and Pelvic Morphology Class.

  • Instructor Tufts Medical School (2017,2018,2021) -TOPS (Tufts Obstetric Patients and their Students).

  • Tara has been invited as a guest speaker to many conferences, including the Massachusetts Medical Society, Massachusetts Breastfeeding Collation, Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital, Plymouth State University,  Boston Association for Childbirth Education & Nursing Mothers Council.

  • Birthing Gently collaboration and attendance at the International Doula Meeting, Santa Joana Hospital São Paulo, Brazil 2015. Providing staff and local doulas on the most up to date techniques for labor and birth.

  • Throughout her career Tara has sat on a variety of health related committees but currently serves as a committee member for Boston Children’s Hospital’s Virtual Committee, and Haverhill High School Healthcare Advisory Committee. She has written and contributed to several publications and a variety of media projects.

  • Area's of focus on continued education include a course of study offered by HarvardX, an online learning initiative of Harvard University "theories of learning and leadership" (2020). Massachucetts Psychiatric Academy "Psychiatric Disorders in Women: Diagnostic and Treatment Considerations Across the Female Lifespan" (2020), Mercy In Action " Cultural Competency and Respect in the Provision of Maternity Care" (2020), and University Of Pittsburgh "Vaccine Webinar Series" (2020).

  •  Creator of "BOSSGIRLS" (2022)! Empowering each other to be our best self! A virtual support group for teens ages 13-17. Improving wellbeing and self-care through positive social support and  encouragement.                                                                



Tara’s birth philosophy is “Each birth is as individual, unpredictable and meaningful as each one of us".

We must provide our clients with the unbiased tools needed to make informed and evidence-based decisions regarding the care they are receiving. This type of support will allow the freedom necessary to enter labor with a clear, educated and open mind. Everyone, whether they chose un-medicated, medicated, or cesarean birth, need our support and quality care.

Tara has five children. Evian (1996), Shelby (2002), Kendal (2003), Hailee (2006), and Katheryn (2009). Although she did not have a doula present at her first two deliveries, she did have a doula present at her third, fourth & fifth deliveries, which were, scheduled cesarean sections. She was amazed at the difference between the doula-assisted births compared to the two previous deliveries. The three major differences were a significant decrease in anxiety, increased birth satisfaction and recovery.

In her spare time she enjoys running, skiing, hang gliding, drag racing 1/4 mile, hiking and travel. 

Below is a link to her own personal journey through high-risk birth, and as an advocate through her children’s illnesses. 

A Slightly Twisted Fairy Tale

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