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I have observed many Birthing Gently doulas working with my patients who have epidural anesthesia and/or need a cesarean delivery. I have always been impressed with the maturity and professionalism offered by this team of doulas. They truly understand the importance of proper emotional support, reassurance and education, not only in healthy patients but also those who may have medical complications of pregnancy. Many patients with epidural anesthesia still need the type of assistance that a doula can provide, and I am always confident that Birthing Gently doulas will work appropriately within the medical system for the benefit of the patient, her family, and her newborn.

Dr. William Camann M.D. Director, Obstetric Anesthesiology, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Boston

It has always been my experience that my patients are very pleased with the care they are given from the doulas of Birthing Gently. I think the name Birthing Gently speaks a lot to me because I have continually felt while working with the doulas that their approach to the whole birth process is gentle and open to what the patient wants but also what the doctors and nurses need to give the best care to the family. I enjoy working with the doulas and I also appreciate knowing that my patients will be well cared for if I am not in the room at all times.

Kathy Trainor R.N. IBCLC Labor & Delivery nurse and lactation consultant, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Boston

We had the very good fortune to get to know a talented doula, Tara Campbell, who first broached the idea of a family-centered cesarean. When we learned we would have to have a cesarean, we asked Tara to help us make sure we could have a family-centered one. She called Dr. Camann, who came in on his day off and made sure everyone was on the same page. While we were disappointed that she could not carry them to term and could not have a vaginal delivery, the family-centered cesarean helped us better experience the birth of our children. -Eric

Nancy will forever be in our thoughts, memories, and pictures as someone that truly helped us through one of the most difficult days we had, but also the happiest days we’ve ever had. I am 100% happy that we made the decision of hiring a doula. Not any doula. Nancy. -Andrea (full story)

Dr. Camann worked closely with my doula Tara Campbell to minimize my anxiety and to reassure me about medication and he helped our wonderful OB set up a clear viewing shield by which we could actually see the birth of our son as it happened. A miracle and a blessing- a moment we will never forget and are eternally grateful for. Thanks to the work led by Dr. Camann and Kathy, my doctor and my doula Tara Campbell, there was an experience of joy in the OR- there was confidence, celebration, photos, and the miracle of birth. -Rebecca

I just wanted to check in and let you know Myrna did an AMAZING job with our birth. My main hopes were to have a very quiet and calm birth experience and completely engage my husband as a partner. She kept us calm the whole time and let us know at each step what was happening. She was great at engaging him in helping, too. I felt the whole experience was very well paced, and all my wishes were respected. Also, the nurses could not say enough about her. They said she was a joy, a delight, and a charm. They asked where on earth we found her! She worked with them as a team. It was really a phenomenal experience, and I credit her with that. Thank you so much!  Danielle K

Mavis was wonderful beyond words and stayed with me and my husband for the entire time, from Saturday 7:00 p.m. to Tuesday (!) 2:30 a.m. Her devotion to me, to our baby, and to the process was outstanding, and her patience, knowledge, and care were far more than I could have expected. That she did it all with a continual joy and smile was astounding. Thank you again for everything. -Olivia

 I thought the Childbirth class was excellent. It answered all of my questions. The teacher was super knowledgeable and made the whole experience very comfortable for everything. I really appreciated that we were able to cover so much information in one session. I have a very busy schedule, so going to multiple classes would have been difficult. Thanks again for offering this! All the best, Dee

Thank you! You covered so much this weekend, and created a safe space for all of us to learn and ask questions in. Your style is clear, funny & compassionate- it was really fun to work with you. My only complaint after the training is that I wish we had more time.

What an incredible opportunity you have offered us through the volunteer program as well. I look forward to more information on the program.

I took from this weekend an overwhelming feeling like I am on the right path. So thanks again! 

Sara Jackson – Doula Student

Thanks, especially Tara, for letting be a part of Birthing Gently. I would not have been able to be accepted and start my nurse midwifery education at Columbia University without your support and help….seriously. 

xoxo Anna (Former Birthing Gently Doula).

Melissa was a fantastic doula for the birth of my first son. During my pregnancy, both myself and my husband appreciated Melissa’s candidness and energy as we prepared for labor. She is an extremely approachable person that we instantly connected with and felt we could trust. She always provided us with a wealth of information related to any questions we had not only about my health during pregnancy, but also choices that would need to be made related to the labor and birth. She was always available for questions and we liked that our relationship with her did not feel formulaic or routine.

During labor, she was fantastic! She provided incredible support and played such a vital role in the delivery room. Her approach was gentle and caring. It made such a difference having someone in the room who has experienced labor and can provide a non-clinical perspective. My husband appreciated her presence and felt there was a great amount of balance and guidance. My labor was long and exhausting, and she stayed with us from early in the AM on into the evening. I couldn’t imagine going through labor without her.

After my son was born I had problems nursing and Melissa continued to be a great support throughout the ordeal. The early days of parenting are a whirlwind, and having a clear minded support like Melissa to better the situation was beyond helpful. I highly recommend Melissa as a doula!-Elise

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