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Doula Mentor Group 

Congratulations on completing the Birth Doula Workshop! That's a huge accomplishment!

As you're probably aware, becoming a birth doula requires a lot of training, preparation, and support. And, it's normal to feel overwhelmed, unsure, or isolated as you start your journey.

That's where Birthing Gently Doula comes in! Their mentorship program is designed to help new birth doulas like you navigate the challenges and uncertainties of entering the doula workforce, debriefing after birth, or establishing a new doula business.


Here are some of the benefits you can expect 

  • Support and guidance: -  By hearing about what's working for others, you can gain new ideas and inspiration to apply to your own challenges.

  • Confidence boost: Gain a deeper understanding of what goes into birth work and build your confidence in handling various scenarios.

  • Networking opportunities: Connect with other birth professionals and build relationships.

  • Diverse perspectives: A group discussion can bring together people with different backgrounds, experiences, and expertise, providing a rich tapestry of perspectives and insights.

  • Improved problem-solving: When multiple people contribute to a discussion, you may find that you're able to approach problems from different angles and come up with innovative solutions.

  • Reduced feelings of isolation: When you share your challenges with others, you may feel less isolated and more connected to others who understand what you're going through.New ideas and inspiration: Group discussions can spark new ideas and inspiration, helping you to stay motivated and focused on your goals.



  • Prepare ahead of time: Think about the specific challenges you're facing and what you hope to gain from the discussion.

  • Share your own experiences: Be willing to share your challenges and experiences, as this can help create a sense of mutual understanding and support.


By working with Birthing Gently Doula's mentorship program, you'll be able to overcome any initial doubts or fears and become a confident, competent birth doula.

Participation Requirements

  • Completion of any DONA International Birth Doula Workshop with Birthing Gently

  • Accountability, reliability, confidentiality, and respect.

What Do You Get?

  • 12 1-hr Monthly Mentor Group Sessions ​led by Birthing Gently.

Session Information

  • Sessions are virtual and held via the Zoom platform (sessions are not recorded)

  • Classes sizes can fluctuate monthly

  • Annual fee of $120 for monthly sessions

Session Dates
Held the Last Sunday of Each Month
@ 7:00PM -8:00PM EST

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