Professional Education Offerings

Are you ready to become a DONA International birth doula? Our professional, unique and unparalleled teaching style ensures you will have the tools and resources necessary to start on your journey as a birth professional.

Choose to attend your DONA International Birth Doula Workshop and Breastfeeding Workshop for Professionals with Birthing Gently.   


3-Day DONA Approved Birth Doula Workshop 

(includes the "Introduction to Childbirth Education for New Doulas").

DONA International approved Birth Doula trainer since 2006, Tara Campbell, CD(DONA), BDT, LCCE has trained over 8000 birth doulas nationwide. Tara offers an engaging and unique teaching style, allowing students the opportunity to learn in a supportive classroom environment. Childbirth Educator Erin Ronder Neves joins us in teaching a variety of topics throughout the Birth Doula workshop. 


​Workshops are taught virtually via the Zoom platform (students can attend any location they desire).

​In order to get credit for the workshop you must complete the workshop in its entirety.

Students must have your video on and participate in class discussions.  

Workshop Schedule
Fridays 8:30am-2:30pm (1/2hr. Lunch),

Sat/Sun 9:00am-6:30pm (1hr. Lunch, 2 scheduled 15min breaks)
Students can expect to spend between about 1 hr each night on homework assignments.

We offer a 30 min Zoom group check in one month after completing the workshop. 

Prerequisites include:  

1.Reading DONA International Birth and Postpartum Position Paper

2.Read “The Birth Partner: by Penny Simkin and Katie Rohs

Certificates of completion will be sent electronically once the student has:

1.Completed the DONA International workshop evaluation. Evaluation will be sent out via email from DONA International directly.                             
2. Doula will use another person (family/friend/colleague) to practice live on zoom with the trainer offering guidance (during the workshop). OR  The doula will submit a video/or photos back to the trainer demonstrating the skills on another person (family/friend/colleague) and discussing them to the trainer.


We recognize each students individual learning style, and tailor our teaching strategy to suit the student’s needs in our online learning environment. 

Registration Fee $500.

Breastfeeding for Professionals

This 3-hour breastfeeding workshop that covers the basics of breastfeeding and is offered to birth and postpartum related professionals. This workshop fulfills DONA International breastfeeding education requirement for both birth and postpartum doulas. You can register for this class independent from the scheduled birth doula workshop, or in conjunction with the scheduled workshop.


Our Breastfeeding Workshops are taught by our experienced and knowledgable Erin Ronder Neves.

Class runs on Fridays from 4-7pm *Runs after the Birth Doula Workshop Ends 
Registration Fee $150 (register below)

DONA Approved Continuing Education Courses

Creating Balance - A three hour comprehensive class taught by our International Homebirth Midwife and Birth Doula, Tuly Duprat. This class focuses on the personal balance and lifestyle of a birth worker. 

Improving Communication Skills  - Identifying challenges and solutions to improve communication when interfacing with hospital providers. Balancing the unique needs of our clients when facing challenging births in a hospital setting. 

Registration Fee $150 (2022 dates coming soon)


2022 Dates

Birth Doula Workshops and Breastfeeding workshops will take place virtually. We recognize each students individual learning style, and tailor our teaching strategy to suit the students needs in our online  learning environment. Zoom platform is used for all workshops.  

Boston, MA

May 13-15 2022

May 13 Breastfeeding Workshop


Boston, MA
July 29-31  2022

July 29 Breastfeeding Workshop


Hartford, CT
Aug 5-7  2022

Aug 5 Breastfeeding Workshop


Charlotte, NC
Aug 12-14 2022

Aug 12 Breastfeeding Workshop

Birth Doula Training Workshop


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Breastfeeding for Professionals 


Please enter city and date of training

*Please read Workshop Policy before making payment.  Payment denotes agreement.


*This is not the certification packet.




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Option One Requirements:

  • Receive your tuition free with the registration of 8 other participants for a private workshop

  • Promote the workshop locally within your community

  • Select dates to accommodate your schedule (weekday or weekend)

  • Provide workshop space

Option Two Requirements:

  • Join an already scheduled Birthing Gently Birth Doula Workshop

  • Invite 2 other participants to register with you (friends, family, coworkers) and receive your tuition free!

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Resources For Doulas

Evidence Based Birth –

MGH Center for Womens Mental Health

MGH Postpartum Psychosis Project

MGHPDS (MGH Perinatal Depression Scale APP) 

Alliance For Innovation On Maternal Health Program

American Academy of Pediatrics –

The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists –

American College of Nurse-Midwives –

American Society of Anesthesiologists –

Cochrane Reviews –

"How to Search Cochrane Review"

American Psychological Association –

Mother's Milk Bank Northeast

Pregnancy Loss -

Military Families -

Car Seat Laws and Guidelines –

Mother’s Advocate – Materials for a better birth –

Webster Tech. Chiropractor Locator

Birth Monopoly

Calm Birth Meditation

The Milk Meg

Spinning Babies

The White Ribbon Alliance

Commonsense Childbirth

The Institute For International Medicine

The White Ribbon Alliance

Commonsense Childbirth

Mercy In Action

Prevention and Treatment of Traumatic Childbirth

Every Mother Counts

Adriande Labs:

Implicit Bias:


Midwife Thinking:

Trauma-Informed Care -Implementation Resource 

Online Resources for Inclusive Language

Disability Inclusive Language Resources 

Military Birth Resources

Teen Parent Connection

Book Recommendations

Just Medicine: A Cure for Racial Inequality in American Health Care: by Dayna Bowen Matthew 

When Survivors Give Birth: by Penny Simkin and Phyllis Klaus

Round the Circle: by Julie Brill 

The Blue Cotton Gown: by Patricia Harman 

Baby Catchers: by Peggy Vincent

Why Zebra's Don't Get Ulcers: by  Robert Sapolsky

Birth In Eight Cultures: by Melissa Cheyney and Robbie Davis-Floyd

Author, Public Health leader: