Boston's Original Doula Agency. Est. 2002

Now serving Boston, New York City, Charlotte NC, and San Diego

Birthing Gently was established in 2002 as Boston’s first doula agency, and now includes multiple locations throughout the country. Birthing Gently services are provided by trained, experienced, and professional doulas who are committed to supporting families through their labor and birth, and assisting them as they transition into early parenthood.


Our belief is that every family should have a satisfying birth and postpartum experience . Whether you are planning a home birth, birth center birth, hospital birth or scheduled cesarean section, Birthing Gently will provide you with the judgment free, evidence-based, educational, physical and emotional support that you deserve! Our doulas have diverse backgrounds with various specialties.
When you hire a Birthing Gently doula, you are hiring the expertise of our entire team. 

We are honored to be part of your next chapter.

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