Your hands are full: The Importance of the Postpartum Doula after the Birth of Multiples

There once was a village… And in that village, for the days and weeks after, a woman who gave birth would be physically and emotionally nourished, hydrated, and cared for by the women in the village while she focused on getting to know and bond with her new baby. Today, many mothers do not have this vital assistance and unfortunately have to figure it out on their own. But what if there are two or more babies? How can there be any time to be nourished? Motherhood can be confusing and intimidating, even to experienced mothers. Now add two or more babies needing the same thing at the same time. Two tiny humans developmentally doing the same things at the same time. Two newborns crying non-st

Snap Out of It! One way to keep your sanity in times of great stress.

External What? External focal points, that’s what! If you took a childbirth education class you may have heard this term. The idea is that you enter an unfamiliar place (i.e. the hospital), with unfamiliar people (i.e. the medical staff), with unfamiliar pain (i.e. contractions and back pain if your super lucky), and of course that one familiar person who tends to be the least experienced in the field (i.e. your partner - you know, the one who looks like a deer in the headlights) - the goal is to incorporate a “familiar focal point” in order to relax. Our doula practice specializes in high risk birth and we see people coming to Boston from all over the world for care. This causes the add

I just had a baby. Now what?

We've all heard about postpartum depression... What can we do to open a dialog about what happens to women as new moms? Some women intuit what needs to happen or what's going on with their physiology and psychology...but the vast majority of us could use some support. One reproductive psychiatrist is on a mission to give us some new vocabulary around motherhood and what it means for our bodies and brains. Check out this great podcast about understanding what happens to women's bodies, emotions and brains after birth - and how to take better care of yourself and your baby. We love sharing resources that help us help ourselves and the moms we love. Please enjoy!

The Dance of Birth

I see the world as a dance; electrons around the protons and neutrons, the planets around the sun, the dance of the seasons, and the wind in the trees, even the blood through the rhythm of the heart sustaining our cells. All dances happen with such perfect harmony that life goes on. For me, this is beautiful movement. When very young I saw my mom laboring, bathed in the light of candles. I didn’t see labor; I saw her dance, her rhythm and her breathing, all in such perfect harmony. That’s when I fell in love with birth and how it connects us with our primal instincts, with the dance of life. It doesn’t matter if you choose to have a medicated or natural birth, or need a C-section. These thin

Spinning Babies is Changing Birth on Earth

Many months ago I was able to attend a workshop on Spinning Babies techniques. And before your concern sets in as you have strange visions of babies spinning, Spinning Babies is just a cute (but slightly misleading) word for movements and stretches that help loosen tendons, ligaments, and muscles and lead to a more comfortable and quicker labor for mom. Spinning Babies challenges us to trust our bodies and the work it was made to do, and try movements and positions before turning to medical interventions for common problems such as failure to progress, baby not engaged, or slow dilation. Unnecessary cesarean sections are increasingly becoming a problem in the U.S. and around the world. But a

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