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Spinning Babies® is Changing Birth on Earth

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Many months ago I was able to attend a workshop on Spinning Babies techniques. And before your concern sets in as you have strange visions of babies spinning, Spinning Babies is just a cute (but slightly misleading) word for movements and stretches that help loosen tendons, ligaments, and muscles and lead to a more comfortable and quicker labor for mom. Spinning Babies challenges us to trust our bodies and the work it was made to do, and try movements and positions before turning to medical interventions for common problems such as failure to progress, baby not engaged, or slow dilation.

Unnecessary cesarean sections are increasingly becoming a problem in the U.S. and around the world. But as my instructor, Lorenza Holt, proclaimed, “Spinning Babies is changing birth on Earth, by giving mothers options and natural solutions to successfully correct those common problems in labor.” More and more mothers are feeling more in control, and doulas, partners, midwives, and nurses feel better prepared to help laboring women through difficult situations. The result? A better birth for every woman.

I had a client attempting a VBAC after a traumatizing C-section. She was terrified of having repeat trauma, and I was committed to doing all I can to make sure she had the best chance possible for the birth she wanted. It’s what drew me to be trained in Spinning Babies. I was trained on a Sunday, and two days later my client went into labor, 10 days past her due date. I told her I was attending this training to help her and other mothers like her, and she was excited to try the techniques. I joined her in the labor room; she had been stalled at 4cm for 8 hours and was getting nervous. We did the Spinning Babies techniques together. Twenty minutes later, she was at 7cm and ready for the epidural she had planned to receive. I continued applying the techniques, adapting them for the bed, and she was comfortable and progressing nicely. After a few hours, and only a short time pushing, she gave birth to a beautiful nine-pound baby girl. Tears of joy, endless thank yous, more tears of joy, with her daughter on her chest, skin to skin, both content. Dreams came true that night, and I finally understood what changing birth on Earth looks like.

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