Pregnancy, Stress, and How a Doula Can Help

Stress; a healthy dose keeps us on alert, often assisting us in narrowing our focus to accomplish tasks. However, problems can arise when stress becomes prolonged. This type of stress is known as chronic stress. The causes of stress vary from person to person and manifest differently as well. However, chronic stress is most commonly experienced as the perception of having little or no control. Constantly elevated stress levels mean a constant release of stress hormone, known as cortisol. High cortisol levels take an emotional and physical toll on the body and can lead to adverse health outcomes like an increased heart rate, high blood pressure, trouble sleeping, anxiety, weakened immune syst

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Our practice provides an unbiased and professional approach during the prenatal, birth and postpartum period. Your needs will be accommodated to create a personal and unique experience. Our team is dedicated to providing you with care based on the most current ACOG and AAP evidence-based guidelines and research.

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