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Be Bold - Own Your Birth

As I was listening to the radio today I heard a variety of stories. One was about feminism. One was about reclaiming core spiritual values and creating political change. One was about using technology to reduce traffic. I was so invigorated by the people who are standing strongly by what they believe and wanting to help others.

What does this have to do with having babies?

Well....I have had my own baby and witnessed other women's journey through birth. One of the truly profound parts of this process is owning that it's YOUR birth. You can be bold and claim what you wish for yourself and your new baby. You have the power to surround yourself with a loving circle of family and doulas, OR if you wish, to schedule a C section. It's up to you. As long as it's what you want and you're not just doing what everyone else wants - it's perfect!

I know - someone is rolling their eyes and saying ,"you can't plan it." You can always make plans and create positive intention. You do have to be ready to roll with change if needed....but it's a bit like a marathon. Yes, it's wicked hard, but you train for it. You create an opening in your life for a good birth. You find out all you can about running (back to the marathon analogy): buy the best shoes, have your stride assessed, eat right, check out the course. And, if you happen to stumble on the course, you accept a ride from the gimp wagon. You come prepared to kick butt & love yourself regardless of the outcome. Because you did show up. You were present. You rock.

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