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Boston's Premier Doula Agency is YOUR Premier Doula Agency

...and here’s why.

“She was reliable, kind, and competent.”

“Our doula was a true blessing.”

“We were impressed at the degree of professionalism.”

“Our Birthing Gently birth doula was perfect for us. She wasvery knowledgeable and soothed our worries.”

“Birthing Gently has multiple doulas on staff so there is always a backup. Payment was very easy through PayPal.”

“I couldn’t be there to help my sister after the birth of her first baby as I live across the country, so I hired a Birthing Gently postpartum doula. I was very impressed at the professionalism, response, and caring that my sister received from the doulas. Scheduling was a breeze.”

These are just some of the great things we hear from our happy, satisfied clients. Since its beginning in 2002, Birthing Gently doulas have had the honor to provide continuous emotional and physical support for mothers and families at over 5000 births. Our 13 birth and postpartum doulas have a combined total of over 75 years’ experience and bring individualized, judgment free care to each family they serve. These professionally trained doulas provide evidence-based education, unbiased emotional and physical support, and empowering encouragement to mothers. They inform mothers about various birth choices and will support the mother in whatever she chooses. Because we believe knowledge is power, we offer various educational classes in the privacy of your own home. These include childbirth education classes, newborn care classes, and breastfeeding classes, which can all be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Each Birthing Gently doula inspires confidence in the mothers they serve. Their continual reassurance and comfort aids in enabling a satisfying birth experience for each mother, whether this is her first child or her fourth. Our birth doulas provide continuous support to mothers before, during, and just after she has given birth. They are skilled at using various comfort measures, such as breathing and relaxation techniques, helping the laboring mother move about, and assisting in optimal positioning. They help facilitate communication between the mother and her care provider. Although their primary responsibility is to the mother, they will look after her partner as well.

Our doulas will not leave your side, start to finish. While nurses have other responsibilities and patients to attend to, Birthing Gently’s birth doulas have only one obligation the whole time they are with a mother – and that is THE MOTHER! Our birth doulas work together with the mother’s partner, forming a strong labor support team, never taking the partner’s place. They provide a “buffer” for the mother from the often times unknown environment of the hospital and their companionship increases the laboring mother’s self-esteem.

Birthing Gently doulas have been a source of pain relief for numerous mothers during labor and delivery. By educating the mother in advance, reminding her about her birth’s choices, and explaining what is happening to the mother during labor and delivery, many of the mother’s fears are greatly reduced, allowing her work along with her body. Our doulas continuous support can lead to less chances of a mother asking for an epidural or other type of pain medication. Statistically, women who have doulas are more likely to feel less pain. Furthermore,” by avoiding epidural anesthesia, mothers may avoid many medical interventions that go along with an epidural, including the use of Pitocin augmentation and continuous electronic fetal monitoring.” ( If you desire a non-medicated or “natural” birth, choose one of our doulas as your source of pain relief.

That’s not to say that Birthing Gently’s birth doulas are available only for non-medicated or “natural” births. Our doulas are trained to support mothers at any type of birth; vaginal birth assisted by medication, inductions, maternal and fetal high risk birth, family centered cesarean birth, scheduled cesarean section birth, water birth, multiples, and VBACS (vaginal birth after cesarean section). Our doulas are trained to work with both midwives and doctors. We have doulas trained in Lamaze and Hypnobirthing, working with mothers who have experienced previous birth trauma or have a history of loss. We also offer birth counseling provided by one of our professionally trained doulas. We support mothers of any age; young parents, traditional and non-traditional families, and families of any religious and cultural background. We have the perfect doula match for you!

Birthing Gently’s support does not end just at the birth of your baby. Our practice includes postpartum doulas that provide education, encouragement, and support to new families, helping them to transition into life with a newborn. They teach coping skills and encourage self-care, reassuring mothers that they are doing great, and provide a friendly listening ear. They educate families about various topics such as breastfeeding, caring for a newborn and household management.

Our postpartum doulas are nonjudgmental and will support your choices in how you feed your baby, whether breast or bottle. Many new families have found Birthing Gently’s postpartum doulas’ help invaluable and have truly benefitted from the loving care they provide. Our postpartum doulas can truly assist in making life with a new little one much smoother. They look forward to working with you and your family.

We also offer lactation support services, both by phone and in your home. We have one lactation counselor on staff presently and she will soon be joined by a second certified lactation counselor. They are excited to be working as a team to educate, reassure, and encourage you along your breastfeeding journey, whether it is one week or one year and beyond.

Birthing Gently, Boston's Premier Doula Agency, is YOUR premier doula agency! Give us a call or drop us an email….let’s find out what we can do for YOU!!!

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