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Birthing Gently: Emotional support through birth

When I was invited to write the blog for this amazing group of professional women, I stopped to consider what “Birthing Gently” really meant. Obviously it describes giving birth in a gentle way; welcoming a new little human into this great big world with love and kindness. I wondered what part do birth doulas have in promoting “gentle birth”? I decided to ask two doulas what they thought “birthing gently” meant.

“Assisting a mother to “birth gently” allows the baby to come into this chaotic world in a more quiet, non-violent fashion. It also describes the way a mother is supported and encouraged to give birth in a way she envisions.” – Myrna, Birth Doula, 10 years

“To me, birthing gently brings to mind the emotional aspect of childbirth. The need for kind, loving care and emotional support during childbirth.” – Lacey, Doula, Beginning her career as a Birth Doula and Postpartum Doula

Each doula included the need to provide support to the mother, both physically and emotionally. This reassuring support will foster an atmosphere of maternal confidence and calm, creating the foundation of a gentle birth, contributing to getting the best start to life for the baby and a satisfying birth experience for Mom.

Birth doulas have the privilege of witnessing one of the most exciting events in a mother’s life. Providing factual education, support, encouragement, and friendship to a pregnant woman is included in her job description. However, her work does not stop there. A doula also answers the questions of other family members, reassuring the partner that they will be able to assist the laboring mother, getting them involved in the birth, and providing emotional support to the partner as well. A doula does not take the place of the mother’s partner, but rather works along with them, educating, making suggestions, and sometimes giving the partner a little encouragement to get more involved in the birthing process.

Birthing Gently’s trained, experienced birth doulas provide support and so much more. Check back here at our new blog to learn more about the services we provide, what’s going on in the exciting “world of birth, breastfeeding, and beyond”, and to occasionally read the opinions and thoughts of this new blogger. (This blog is my new baby…I’m hoping it’s “birth” was gentle on you, fair reader.)

What do you think ‘birthing gently” means?

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