Birth Doula Services: Boston Area

 You will receive professional, evidenced based and personalized care from our birth doulas during your pregnancy, birth and immediate postpartum period.  Our practice includes birth doulas with specialization in a various aspects of birth; our goal is to ensure you have a satisfying birth experience no matter what you choose.  Since 2002 Birthing Gently has provided birth doula services to well over 5000 families.  In addition to providing traditional doula support with natural and medicated births, Birthing Gently is proud to have doulas at the forefront of the Family Centered Cesarean Birth movement. You can see our founder, Tara Campbell, in a CNN report showing the benefits of  “Gentle Cesareans” ​

Our Birth Services

Standard Birth Doula Services – traditional or scheduled cesarean section


  • Interview at location of your choice (free of charge)

  • Prenatal meeting to discuss your birth choices

  • 24/7 phone/text/email support from date of hire

  • Attendance at your birth & postpartum support for up to 2 hours following the birth

  • Postpartum visit in your home 1 to 2 weeks following your birth

Payment options:

Initial Payment - $1100


Balance Payment - $400

Full Payment - $1500

Boston Area Doulas
Meet Tara (MA)
Founder of BG
High Risk Birth Doula. Primary
Meet Janice (MA&NH)
Birth Doula
Primary & Backup
Meet Melissa (NH&ME)
Birth Doula. Primary & Backup
Meet Jennifer (MA&NH)
Birth & Postpartum Doula. Primary & Backup
Meet Marie (MA&NH)
Birth & Postpartum Doula. Primary & Backup
Meet Bryanne (MA)
Birth & Postpartum Doula. Primary & Backup
Meet Tuly (MA)
Birth Doula. Primary & Backup
Meet Mary (MA)
Birth Doula. Primary & Backup
Meet Shelby (MA)
Birth Doula. Backup
Meet Francine (MA)
Birth Doula. Primary & Backup
Meet Shannon (MA)
Birth Doula
Meet Joanne (MA)
Birth Doula
Meet Megan (MA)
Birth Doula
Meet Abby (MA)
Birth Doula
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