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Birth Doula Profile - Melissa Shaw
Serving MA & NH       
Melissa Shaw_narrow.png

Melissa is a Certified Birth Doula through DONA International where she trained with Tara and has been practicing since 2017. She is also certified through the Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice as a Certified Lactation Counselor and currently going for her IBCLC. 


Her passion is helping families experience a positive and safe birth and help assist mothers on their breastfeeding journey postpartum. 


Having had a hard labor and delivery with her oldest, Melissa decided to do her own research on how to optimize her next two labor and deliveries. Melissa is proud that the following two experiences with birth went exactly how she had always imagined it going, and this is what ultimately led her to birth doula work. 


Melissa resides in the lakes region of NH with her husband, three children, cat, and many chickens. They enjoy fishing, camping, and mountain getaways. 

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