Postpartum Doula Profile - Nina Langan

Strong interpersonal communication and compassionate connection have always been my signature strong suits. I have always felt that, above all else, I must prioritize the utilization of these skills in order to find my life passion. After graduating in 2020 with a B.A. in Sociology from UMass Amherst, but with a background in childcare ranging from infancy to early adolescence, I was determined to create a life for myself that paired my skillsets alongside my personality and passions. Enter, my “aha” moment. When I first learned of the role of a doula, my body immediately told me that this was my path. To live a life of empowering, supporting, nurturing and connecting with birthing-people and their families is a life I am excited and passionate about living. 


I am, above all else, a childcare enthusiast. I would love to make sure that your newborn or toddler gets the care and attention they need, while ensuring that mama does as well! Self-care and attention, specifically monitoring mama’s mental wellbeing, are just as important as physical health and wellbeing. My priorities in working with you surround compassion, honest and open communication, attention to detail, patience, and creating an environment of overall warmth and comfort for you and your family. My passions include nutrition, meditation and breathing exercises, sound therapy, and lots of baking! 


My main goal in working with your family is to create a compassionate environment of physical and emotional support in this vulnerable time or transition for you. That being said, if this isn’t your first rodeo…I would love to help support your other child/children in this transition as well. Each family is unique, and my ambition as your doula lies in filling in the spaces where your family needs guidance or support most. I am looking forward to meeting you, supporting you, and creating a space for you to feel heard, nurtured and empowered in.