Birth Doula Profile - Amariah Ritchie

 Having undergone doula training months before news of what would become the “Covid-19 Pandemic,” Amariah officially underwent doula training with one of many mentors, Lorenza Holt, in January 2020. Overall, Amariah was motivated by the experiences of other black women in her life who had adverse birthing experiences, the growing maternal mortality rate of black birthing people nationally, and her experiences working in Brockton’s needle exchange program(COPE Center) and Women’s Lunch Place, with women who had experienced pregnancy while battling SUD, homelessness and/or additional mental health issues. These experiences also transitioned beautifully into Amariah’s work as a community doula in Boston Medical’s Birth Sister Program from July 2020 and Accompany Doula Care inc. in the same year, centering work with black birthing people and other birthing people of color.


In her birth doula practice, Amariah strives to now promote feelings of comfort and autonomy over one’s body during pregnancy and birth, as well as empowered decision making for the birth her clients desire. Amariah’s also focuses on working with birthing people and their partners to understand the harmonious movement of the birthing person and baby, prenatally and during birth that many people feel separated from in the structure of modern OB/GYN care. This includes practicing stretches, yoga positions, movement to certain music,and daily exercises, influenced by Amariah’s training in Spinning Babies and similar models by Mexican-indigenous tradition, in addition to U.S southern/Caribbean black midwifery traditions. Additionally, many times Amariah loves to incorporate learning of different herbs/essential oils, as well as nutrition changes, that may be helpful in promoting a beautiful birth.


Amariah is from the areas of Dorchester and Brockton and is still based in the greater Brockton and Boston areas. When not engaged in doula work Amariah is involved in other advocacy work, looking for new herbs/oils relevant to herself and clients, slowly advancing her yoga practice or in the studio writing/recording music as an up & coming local singer/songwriter.