Birth Doula Profile - Pam Alexander
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My life in the world of birthing began over 30 years ago, where I was fortunate enough to shadow a friend who was an OB/GYN Doctor. My time with her in that environment fed a part of me that I hadn’t known existed. The memory of my first birthing experience while shadowing my friend so many years ago is one that I will never forget - While the Doctor was conversing with another patient, I was drawn to a room where a young woman was in active labor with her partner by her side. I saw the fear in her eyes and knew that she needed comforting. As I gently began to speak to her in low tones and softly rub her back, her fears began to subside, but as the pain intensified, she wanted greater relief. We began to slowly breath together and I assured her she was designed by God to do this. Finding the strength to continue on through my words of encouragement, the woman’s baby was delivered by the doctor shortly after. As I was leaving the room to allow the young couple to enjoy the fruit of her labor, she said “Thank you so much, your presence gave me strength to deliver!” I knew then that I had a gift from God to be part of a birthing team for expectant families, and the entire process set a spark in my soul that has continued to this day.

I am a wife to my amazing husband of 34 years and the mother of 2 incredible adult children. I am ever so grateful to have their support in my endeavors to build confidence in women and help them fulfill their birth plans. Supporting many families since then has given me so much joy; many women in my care have said that my hands produce magic results, but I say that my two hands are my gifts that I have been granted, and each comforting touch I bring says “I know what you are feeling, let’s do it together”. This process is surely a labor of love, yet our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made to handle labor and delivery without any external interference!