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Birth Doula Profile - Francine Falvo 

Francine was inspired to become a birth doula through her experiences as a registered nurse.  She has over twenty years’ experience in both critical care and emergency nursing at Boston Children's Hospital. As a result of her extensive experience with neonates and pediatric patients, she recognizes the improved outcomes that result from holistic and family-centered care. As a nurse and a doula, Francine is a strong proponent of evidence-based practice.

Numerous clinical studies suggest a doula's presence during birth can:

  • Reduce the length of labor

  • Reduce negative childbirth experiences 

  • Reduce the need for Pitocin (a labor-inducing drug), forceps or vacuum extraction and cesareans (c-sections)

  • Reduce requests for pain medication and/or use of regional analgesia 

  • Improve satisfaction with birth experience; improve mother-child bonding (including easier breast feeding) and decrease incidence of postpartum depression

  • Decrease hospital stays and admissions to special care nurseries


Pregnancy, labor and childbirth are all phases of a sacred journey. Francine is passionate about educating women and their birth partners about the birth process. During your first prenatal meeting, she will assist you in developing a Birth Plan. The Birth Plan will delineate your choices to promote an ideal labor and delivery experience. Each Birth Plan is individualized and covers the stages of  labor and comfort measures for each stage. This may include staying at home for as long as possible and having freedom of movement during contractions.

The elements of labor support include:

  • Optimizing physical comfort through therapeutic touch (e.g., gentle touch, massage, use of essential oils/aromatherapy, acupressure) as well as tips on use of the birth ball, hydrotherapy, Rebozo, and Spinning Babies®. Spinning Babies® promotes easier childbirth through fetal positioning.

  • Guidance and emotional support for the mother, birth partner and loved ones

  • Information (non-​medical advice, explanations of procedures, anticipatory guidance)

  • Advocacy


As a past flight nurse on Life Flight, Francine has attended multiple births and transported high-risk obstetrical patients/neonates to a higher level of care. She is a past instructor in Neonatal Resuscitation and has lectured nationally and internationally on neonatal and pediatric emergency care.  While having a high risk pregnancy can mean a greater chance of complications or medical interventions, an experienced doula can answer questions and offer suggestions and encouragement thereby decreasing anxiety.


Birth is a culmination of a nine month journey that ends with the celebration of a new life. It is a practice that has challenges a woman to reach deep within her and harness her own personal strength as she gives life to another.  The evolution of birth has allowed for women to have many choices. Francine will educate you on these choices and help you create a sacred space to optimize your birth experience.  As a doula on your birth team, Francine will be a nurturing companion who will provide continuous emotional, physical, and informational support during labor so you feel empowered and confident. 

When Francine isn’t celebrating a birth, she enjoys hiking in the White Mountains, going to Farmer’s markets and cooking farm to table meals. 

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