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Birth Doula Profile - Kendal Powe
Serving MA & NH
Kendal HipSqueeze

Kendal Powe is a trained Birth Doula with DONA International. Kendal is the daughter of Birthing Gently's founder Tara Campbell and has been part of the birth world from a very young age. She is well versed in medical culture, having grown up in hospitals surrounded by birth doulas, certified nurse midwives, anesthesiologists, obstetricians, and home-birth midwives.

She solidified her passion and commitment to wellness in her teens, attending early college with a four-year specialty focus on health care occupations. Kendal is committed to providing supportive care to diverse patient populations, helping reduce gaps in maternal care while improving the maternal health experience, and addressing health disparities. She specializes in working with the adolescent population, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and maternal and fetal congenital heart disease. Kendal's complex medical history gives her the compassion and insight to help foster a safe space in the hospital setting for positive birth experiences.


Childhood medical challenges reinforced Kendal's need for self-care and healthy life choices.  She is an avid skier and was on her varsity volleyball team ( Go Haverhill! ). In addition to birth work, Kendal is a physical therapy technician working with athletic clients to maximize performance and health and is the founder of Perfection Pet Care.

Kendal is currently accepting births for clients delivering at Brigham and Women's Hospital and Mass General Hospital Boston. Kendal serves as a doula on our staff program as well as the  Birthing Gently Maternal Health volunteer program.

Areas of focus on continued education include courses of study.


"The team was incredibly appreciative of Kendal’s presence through

the long and emotionally challenging process."

~Dr. Koenigs 

Brigham and Womens Hospital Boston 

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