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Birth Doula Profile - Joanne Flaherty, MA, CD(DONA)
Joanne Flaherty.jpg

Joanne Flaherty completed her birth doula training and certification through Doulas of North 

American International (DONA).  


Joanne is passionate about helping her clients feel safe and empowered, both prenatally and 

during labor and birth. She brings maturity, experience, and calming guidance to pregnancy, 

labor, and birth. She is collaborative in nature and works seamlessly with the entire care team, 

including all family members and medical staff. Joanne strives to provide an environment in 

which her clients feel safe, loved, and empowered. Joanne has attended over ninety (90) births 

and is comfortable supporting all types of births; such as natural births (unmedicated), medicated 

births, and VBACs (vaginal births after cesarean). Joanne has attended Spinning Babies® 

Workshops and is certified as a HypnoBirthing® Support person. 


Joanne has two daughters, who were born in the hospital, without any medical intervention. Her 

two positive birth experiences led her to doula work. Her joy of working with birthing people, 

and their loved ones have kept her on this journey and she wants to convey that same positive 

experience with other families. Joanne recently had the honor of being the “Nana” doula at the 

birth of her first grandchild. 


Before her calling as a birth doula, Joanne earned her Master’s Degree in the Arts and 

Humanities and has worked for the past twenty years in a historic preservation organization. 


Joanne believes the skills she has learned in her over 15-year practice of yoga and meditation, 

such as breathing, linking breath with movement, clearing the mind, and focusing, can be useful 

to birthing people.  


Joanne is looking forward to hearing from you and will be honored to guide you in the birthing 


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