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Postpartum Doula Profile - Ashley Kelly
Serving Southern MA & RI
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Ashley lives on the border of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. She recently completed her
training as a postpartum and birth doula and is working towards being officially certified
through DONA. To gain valuable experience in birth work, she is starting as a birth doula on the
volunteer program with Birthing Gently. Ashley learned about doula work during her
undergraduate education and personal research when thinking about starting her own family.
With her academic and professional career, she aspires to assist families in transitioning into
new stages of their lives by providing individualized, emotional support and evidence-based
education. Ashley's greatest hope is that families can embrace what they have learned and gain
newfound confidence that extends to all aspects of their lives.

Ashley's journey in working with children started early in her life as a child of five siblings and
was deepened by her experiences in babysitting and employment at the Boys and Girls Club.
Ashley graduated from Wheelock College in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science degree in
Psychology, specializing in development, child health, and understanding autism. Currently
pursuing her master’s degree in clinical psychology at UMASS Dartmouth, she aspires to
become a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), enhancing her ability to provide
emotional support and mental health care to parents and children. Her understanding of the
unique needs of both parents and newborns ensures a supportive and nurturing environment
during the delicate postpartum period.

Ashley's passion for assisting people flourished once she started her career as a case manager
at an adult day center in Rhode Island; she continues to dedicate time into supporting and
advocating for individuals with disabilities. Working with this population has increased Ashley's
understanding of the extreme importance of self-advocacy within this challenging healthcare
system. Her experience in this career has earned her the reputation of a caring and
understanding professional, known for her direct yet compassionate approach.

During down time, you can find Ashley playing with her two cats, practicing yoga, reading a
Stephen King novel, or preparing healthy meals for herself and her family! Having Ashley by
your side ensures you're in the hands of a caring professional dedicated to making this precious
time in your life smooth and memorable.

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