Oonagh Campbell - Birth Doula

Oonagh is originally from Ireland and has been living in the Boston area for 21 years. She completed her training as a doula through Doulas of North America (DONA) and is currently working on her certification.  Oonagh has two teenage sons, and during birth, she wished she had a Doula's expertise and support; she wanted more information and guidance but didn't know where to turn. Since then, she has always wanted to help women feeling similar worries and anxieties leading up to and during birth.


Oonagh is the youngest of 5 children and grew up surrounded by large Irish families.  As a girl, her mother always told her she had a special gift with people socially and has a very nurturing personality.  Before becoming a doula, Oonagh worked in the makeup and skincare industry for over ten years. Empowering women to look and feel their best is one of the main inspirations she became a doula, where she can leverage those skills in a more nurturing manner.  Oonagh believes she can take her gift and use it to enable women to have birthing experiences filled with compassion, caring, and understanding.


Oonagh has a passion for helping others by empowering women in any life stage, especially as they bring new life into the world - whether through emotional support, information, physical support, guided meditation, relaxation techniques, or birthing positions.  She'll bring creative and kind energy to help guide a woman in their journey into motherhood.


Oonagh is planning on further education in high-risk pregnancies. She believes everyone deserves support and encouragement during pregnancy and birth. The world is full of challenges and inequities. One of Oonagh's passions is to make the world a better place by making birth education and support more accessible, regardless of social stature, race, sexual preference/identity, and religion.


Oonagh's outside interests include spending quality time with her husband and her two boys, exploring the world through travel, reading, hiking, biking, and barre.