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Birth Doula Profile - Mary Hinsley

Mary's core passion is optimal family health and wellness.  Mary is a doula with a lengthy background attending out of hospital births and birthed her own children outside of a hospital setting. Through her role as a doula she has helped families transition seamlessly into their new family life, be that first baby, additional babies or supporting a birthing mom after a particularly traumatic earlier birth. A multi-faceted approach to health and wellness allows Mary to work with her doula clients with a personal,  tender, open and compassionate manner.
Mary recently had the honor of being at the birth of her first grandchild and helping out postpartum.  She is absolutely loving being in this new role within her family.

Mary's extensive professional backdrop includes nearly three decades of practice in Oriental and Natural medicine. Additionally, Mary is widely trained in many holistic healthcare modalities with her unique focus being preventative healthcare utilizing a Functional Medicine approach to optimal health and wellness.
With an understanding of diverse natural healing arts and Western medical diagnostics, she has helped many clients create powerful yet gentle programs for health and healing. She is known for her ability to work with unique or seemingly perplexing health issues and her passion lies in discovering the root cause of what’s occurring for a particular patient, especially in identifying issues in terms of mind, body and spirit. Mary’s primary licensure is through the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine, she is also nationally certified through the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  Her programs consist of a bio-individualized approach to clinical nutrition.  Among many continuing educational studies, Mary completed The Institute for Integrative Nutrition program and went on to mentor students in the program.
Additionally, Mary is well versed in acute medical presentations, having worked with the Dover EMS department for almost two decades. As far as personal practices, Mary has had a daily hot yoga practice for many years now. Being a competitive swimmer since a young age, she has kept up with that regular form of exercise and sees these practices as essential to walking ones talk and maintaining the level of energy which allows her to pursue what still sets her soul on fire professionally. Her children were both out of hospital births, however, her professional approach is simply in assisting each woman/couple in having the ideal birth environment of their choosing, no matter what that may look like.

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