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Birth Doula Profile - Amanda Rooney

Client Testimonial -
Amanda was awesome and we absolutely love her. She is the best. We are so thankful we got to work with her and she helped Jill in so many ways mentally preparing, breathing and physically during the pushing.
Thank you  - Jill

Amanda, Mother of Twins(V.D.) 200H YRT  and Former Woman’s Stylist.


For over 25 years woman have gone to Amanda for her calm demeanor and sage advice. Ranging from Motherhood, Marriage, Fertility, Business, Health, Wellness, Body Dysmorphia, Family, or Trauma; you name it, she’s helped woman get through it. Her goal is always to encourage woman to stay grounded, trust their instincts, give themselves grace, and use their strength during labor. 


She is well respected by the doctors and nursing staff.  As a valuable member of the labor and delivery team she will effectively advocate for you and your baby. They value  her opinion and always want to know when she’s coming back. She is primarily Boston based but travels most of Massachusetts and New Hampshire. 


Amanda specializes in athletes and women with active lifestyles, but will meet any mother to be where she is.  As your guide she will help you show up for yourself and experience all the joy, wonder, and fun that is upon you! She knows the delicate dance of labor and will be focusing on warming up your body, and keeping you fueled with breath work techniques.  She also offers hands on techniques such as counter pressure, joint support, massage to help pain, anxiety, relaxation and more. 


Amanda is comitted to furthering her education about the birthing experience and human body.  She recently completed  200 YRT, which has enhanced her understanding of the human body, its capabilities, and connection to the mind.  This new knowledge has deepened her practice as doula. She can help you manage your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Amanda is skilled at managing the dynamics of the room, your partner, shift changes, nurse and ob attachment and/or disconnects. She is in your corner. She will keep you feeling safe and heard. 


One of her best assets is her strong intuition and perception. She can both anticipate and read your needs with verbal and non verbal cues. She truly is irreplaceable in your birth experience.


While bringing your baby/babies into this world is a beautiful experience, it can also be scary and stressful. Let Amanda take the worry out of the experience for you. She truly loves what she does and we love having her on our team.  We would love for you to meet with Amanda to see if she can be part of your team as well.  Please contact us to schedule a consult with her. 

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