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Birth Doula Profile - Alanna Anderson

At 18 years of age, Alanna is one of our youngest doulas! Alanna is graduating high school and college at the same time with an associate degree!  We are so proud of her drive, commitment, tenacity, and desire to assist birthing people in the Boston area! 


Alanna provides consistent, professional, evidence-based care to families. As a young woman, Alanna's driving philosophy behind her doula work is that there are many women who lack support, especially young women. It's important to have someone as an advocate who can relate to you. Alanna provides compassion and support and wants young mothers to know that there are people who want to help them. You are not alone!  Birth is a beautiful thing, and every mother should feel and see the beauty in birth.

As your doula, Alanna will prepare by getting to know you, your feelings about pregnancy, and your birth plans. She will help clarify & support your goals regarding birth. She also shares important and efficient strategies to get your body and baby ready for a new journey.


Fun fact -  Alanna's mother Stephanie is also a Birth Doula with Birthing Gently!

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