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Birth & Postpartum Doula Profile - Tiffany Engen,  Full-Spectrum Doula, PMH-C, Bereavement Support

Tiffany is currently accepting photography for current doula clients only.  

I am a wife, a mother of two beautiful young children and many cats. An avid reader and multi-passionate entrepreneur. I volunteer with Postpartum Support International (PSI) as a virtual support coordinator for Pima & Yuma Counties. You can also find me volunteering when I have some time to TNR community cats. I homeschool (the kids, not the cats) and am a natural caregiver. I became a doula after the birth of my first child, my son. I realized quickly while in labor with him how little I knew and how underprepared I was. I also came to see how little comforting support there was available during the process at the hospital. His birth helped me to discover that birth is more than the physical act of labor. It's a transformation of identity and family!


I began researching everything as a new parent and learned that birth can happen in many different settings, in many different ways, and it goes best when you have a compassionate care team that practices evidence based and trauma informed care. I love being part of that team! The birth of my second child, my daughter, inspired my work in perinatal mental health. I suffered immensely with multiple PMAD’S in her pregnancy and postpartum. After a lengthy recovery I decided to turn that experience into medicine for the world. I have since trained and certified earning my PMH-C from PSI. Serving families through pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond is my soul's work. It is my goal to make a genuine tangible and meaningful impact in people's lives, influence great change in maternal mental health policies, and reduce the barriers that exist in accessing safe non carceral quality care.


I come to my role as a companion and doula, a complex human who has experienced, endured, lived, loved and lost. I bring to this work my unquenchable curiosity and passion for being the best helper on your journey into the wilderness I can be. I truly value the relationships I develop with the families I have the honor and privilege to serve, and I look forward to connecting with you ! 


Some fun facts about me!

I have a passion for studying thanatology, relationships, psychology, holistic women's health etc.

My favorite colors are green and orange

I love to cook and I deeply enjoy connecting to and rediscovering my ancestral traditions

I frequently talk with GIFs and emojis 😛

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