Birth & Postpartum Doula Profile - Sylva Yeghiayan CD(DONA)

Years ago, before she became a mom, Sylva hadn’t put much thought into how the birth experience worked.  Like many newly pregnant women, however, she began to educate herself and reflect a bit on who she was and what she was hoping the future held for herself and her baby.  Well, three teenagers later, Sylva finds herself still in awe of the birth process and the innate abilities of mothers!

Being both a birth doula and a postpartum doula enables Sylva to consider the long view (start to “finish”) in childbirth and the early weeks home with a newborn.  Her goal is for new families to feel empowered from the start.  Parents need to feel they are heard and supported while making choices, whatever they may be. Many options are available to new parents and at times this can be overwhelming.  Sylva believes the presence of a warm and knowledgeable resource can be comforting and can go a long way in helping new mothers embrace their birth experience.  If young families can embark on their journey knowing that they have information, help, and non-judgmental understanding, they will be able to parent from a place of nurturing confidence.  Sylva loves to be a part of that experience – of watching a mom grow and develop as much as her baby goes through changes.

Sylva has a doctorate in behavioral neuroscience. Although she believes that knowledge is power, she also knows that nothing replaces the comfort of kind words.  Every mother deserves physical and emotional support, and every family can benefit from nurturing care.  It’s Sylva’s joy and honor to help welcome new people into the world!

Our practice provides an unbiased and professional approach during the prenatal, birth and postpartum period. Your needs will be accommodated to create a personal and unique experience. Our team is dedicated to providing you with care based on the most current ACOG and AAP evidence-based guidelines and research.

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