Birth Doula Profile - Stephanie Ferreira

Stephanie is a DONA trained Birth Doula and Rhode Island native.  A nurturer by nature, she was changing diapers and pacing the floors to get her newborn brother to sleep at the age of 8.  Now, with three children of her own, Stephanie has been immersed in pregnancy, breastfeeding, diaper changing, and all things motherhood for the past 15 years.  Now that all her children are in school, she is ready to immerse herself in her real passion—the beauty and transformation of pregnancy and birth. 

 Stephanie’s own first two labors were long, over-medicalized, and not overly positive experiences.  Simply put, she was inexperienced, uneducated, “green” to what birth can and should be like.  She was scared, and went to the hospital way too early.  With her third child, she decided she was going to try to labor at home as long as possible, and employ relaxation methods and distraction techniques (a two year old works great—anyone that doesn’t have one should borrow one!) Both worked so well that the pushing stage came without her realizing that she had made it through transition, and baby Hazel was born into her grandmother’s hands.  This experience showed Stephanie what a difference you can make in your labor when you employ the right techniques and are comfortable in your surroundings and confident in what your body is made to do.

Stephanie loves the idea of helping other women come to this realization; to respect and love the changes their bodies make, to help husbands/birth partners to take an active, comfortable, confident role in helping in the many ways they can, and to help both to embrace the amazing miracle that pregnancy and birth are.  Her goal is to help women have positive birth experiences and memories, and she is honored to share these moments with each and every family she works with.

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