Postpartum Doula Profile - Stacey Bunyar (overnight care only) 

Stacey’s doula work began in 2002 when her sister asked her to attend the birth of her daughter. It was a very moving experience to witness and welcome someone into the world. In the ability to offer her sister a nurturing presence with her birth, a seed was planted.

Stacey, a mother of three children, suffered from postpartum depression (PPD) after the birth of her second child due to lack of support. This experience helped her choose to become a postpartum doula. Stacy believes it is a privilege to be present for new mothers when they are vulnerable and exhausted. She offers encouragement and tender care for a new mom and her infant(s) Stacey would be grateful to assist you with the many changes you will be facing. 

Stacey wants to help all mothers feel supported and comfortable with the bonding experience they have with their newborn.  It’s important for a new mom to have someone to lean on, communicate and ask questions with, and build their confidence from baby’s first breath through the first few weeks home from the hospital. 

All of your decisions and customs that are so unique to your family will always be honored. Stacey will be there to assist you in your daily tasks, support any styles of infant feeding you choose, make sure you are cared for, and will help with all the tasks that come with having a new baby in the home. 

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