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Birth Doula Profile - Simone Alexander
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Hey you! My name is Simone, I am a birth and postpartum doula. My interest in women's health and babies was sparked during my early childhood, I have always had a passion for helping others. Yet it was during my late teenage years, when working as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) that I realized that my interest in women's health was a part of my calling. Growing up in Boston I had always been aware that the hospital can be a nerve-racking place to be, especially for PoC and/or low income families. I grew up going to a local hospital for any health concerns and it never failed that I would notice one, if not all of these things: 

 1. the lack of personal connection 

2. overworked doctors and nurses 

3. Healthcare providers medicating ailments instead of taking a more holistic approach 

4.  subtle & blatant racism 

5. the lack of education hospitals provide for people. 

Because of these things, as I grew up the hospital became an uncomfortable place to go. I also became scared of my body and what could possibly happen. I was the queen of "what ifs" when it came to my health. I had no choice but to educate myself so that I could learn to trust my body. 

While working as a CNA, I was placed in numerous situations when a patient  needed assistance being heard and getting their concerns answered. This made me even more inclined to continue to pursue my interests not just for myself, but for others, and the future generations. 

In 2017 I took a labor support training course with DONA and became a doula in the Greater Boston area where I volunteered with families for about 2 years. During this time I trained under seasoned doulas and midwives and also became a postpartum doula. Providing spiritual, emotional, physical, and self care support for families has opened my eyes to the lack of support in society and the lack of communication when it comes to women's health. 

Now if you know me on a personal level you know I can be loving, funny, and welcoming, but I have no issue speaking up when something is wrong. I am the same way on a professional level. I believe everyone has the right to be heard, to be educated, and to be allowed to make informed decisions. 


My goal when working with you is to educate and empower you so that you can confidently advocate for yourself and your loved ones needs. Knowledge is power. 

When I am away from clients you can find me most likely spending time with my family (my man & our two pups), jamming out to music,  or sewing.

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