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Birth Doula Profile - Shelby Whelan

Originally from a small town in Ontario, Canada, Shelby has been studying, living and working in the Boston area for the last nine years. She is excited to support women and families through the journey of pregnancy, birth, and adjusting to the early days with their newest family members. She first discovered the birth doula role through her academic studies in Human Evolutionary Biology and Women Gender and Sexuality Studies at Harvard.

Shelby is thrilled to provide women with compassionate, judgement-free, and pressure-free support through birth preparation and labor. Her philosophy is that there is no one right way to birth a baby, and that each mother, baby, and labor experience are unique and deserve the respect of their own curated approach. Shelby believes that access to research and information, practice, support, and trust in their womanly and maternal instincts can allow women to make the best decisions for themselves and their bodies.  She also enjoys teaching and practicing different mental and physical techniques for pain relief and relaxation including massage and touch, acupressure, Rebozo techniques, and body scanning practices.

Outside of her work as a doula, Shelby loves cooking, knitting, reading and hiking with her dog, Ally. She looks forward to partnering and collaborating with you during this exciting time in your family’s life!

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