Birth Doula Profile - Naisha Diaz

Naisha is currently attending college as a Nursing Major. Her strong passion for labor and delivery has led her to become a birth doula. Naisha’s goal as a birth doula is to serve as a strong support system for the family and help the mother get the birth experience of her dreams. 


Growing up, Naisha has always been the nurturing and supporting person that she is. Naisha has two younger brother’s and was there for the birth of both of them. She provided her mother with the love and support she needed throughout her labor and postpartum.


Naisha believes that a woman has the right to plan out her birth the way she sees fit. A mother needs the care and support while she is in labor whether it be a medicated, natural birth, or cesarean birth. Naisha looks forward to working with your family and help make the birth experience of your dreams come true.

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