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Birth Doula Profile - Millie Snyder
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Millie Snyder believes that laboring women are best supported with clear information and unconditional support. She listens to expecting mothers to learn about their priorities and their questions. She seeks to empower partners and family members to provide support in ways that will encourage stronger relationships. Millie is a compassionate and nurturing doula. She projects an aura of calm controlled support that puts an anxious person at ease. She believes that every birth is a miraculous experience that will transform a family.

Millie believes every woman deserves support and empowerment through their labor and delivery. Millie is naturally a rule follower and, when she was an expecting mother, she wanted to know the right rules for her birth plan. She learned, through her own labor and delivery experiences, that there are no right rules and no perfect path that universally fits every laboring mother. That lesson has continued through her parenting years as she learned that infants, children and teenagers don’t follow the rules of any parenting textbook. Millie and her husband have two daughters, Clara (23) and Linnea (20). Both girls were born in the hospital with her husband present and Millie had an epidural each time.

Millie has a psychology degree from Davidson College, a masters of divinity degree from Princeton Seminary and a doctor of ministry degree from Columbia Seminary. She serves full-time as Executive Pastor at Myers Park Presbyterian Church. Millie’s faith infuses her work as a doula but she believes that the expecting mother sets the tone, including any elements of religion or spirituality. She was trained as a doula by Tara Campbell in 2018 in Charlotte NC.

When she’s not working, Millie enjoys reading, playing piano, and getting outdoors with her family. she loves going out with friends to play team trivia. She is the happy owner of a rescue dog named Amos.

Millie looks forward to hearing from you and supporting your journey through delivery.

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