Birth Doula Profile - Megan Laper

While Meg was completing her undergraduate degree, she stumbled upon Ina May Gaskin’s Spiritual Midwifery and was immediately drawn to the birth world. After graduating with a degree in Psychology from Lesley University, she worked as a caseworker for several years serving women fleeing from domestic violence. When she realized the lack of support her vulnerable clients had during labor, she was inspirited to take the next step into pursing the interest she always had in birth work, and became a birth doula.

Meg’s experience as a caseworker and a birth doula have allowed her to be able to actively listen to your story and what your wishes for your birth are. Meg believes there is no wrong way to birth and remains nonjudgemental and supportive in your personal decisions. Meg enjoys working with clients and their partners/support people to create the most welcoming environment for the birthing mom to labor in and for the baby to enter the world into.

Meg also enjoys helping families assemble their village of postpartum help for after the baby, as well as explaining the anatomy of childbirth and how certain positions can help the baby descend. Meg’s favorite part of working with birth clients is seeing parent meet their child for the first time. She is honored to be apart of such a personal experiences in the life of a family.

Our practice provides an unbiased and professional approach during the prenatal, birth and postpartum period. Your needs will be accommodated to create a personal and unique experience. Our team is dedicated to providing you with care based on the most current ACOG and AAP evidence-based guidelines and research.

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