Childcare Specialist Profile - Maria Garcia Lozano 
m garcia lozano.jpg

Maria is currently a freshman in college at MCPHS University in Boston. She is studying Premedical and Health Sciences with a BS/MD pathway in connection to Saint George's University, where she will focus on getting her medical school education to become a surgeon.


In the year 2020, she completed and graduated from the Healthcare Occupations Program offered at Haverhill High School, where she got experience working with the geriatric population through clinical rotations. The program consisted of over 900 classroom and lab hours where she had the opportunity to practice hands-on skills that can be implemented in the real world when treating patients. Outside of the program, she worked for Benchmark Senior Living pre and post COVID-19 helping to minimize and combat the virus, while ensuring that the quality of life of the residents was kept.


Maria has a longing adoration for babies, infants, and families. Her calm, soothing demeanor, compassion and caring have been invaluable while learning and executing the appropriate protocols with the pediatrics population and their families as they surface.  


She is certified in adult and infant CPR/First Aid through the AHA/ASA and Trinity EMS. Additionally, she is fascinated by the idea of helping others whether that is in a home or hospital setting - having experience in both. Prior to COVID-19, she had a shadow experience at Mass General Hospital where she explored the surgical floor and fell in love in connection with the pediatrics unit thus having an interest in the surgical field but also pediatrics - a potent combination for her potential future.


Currently, she is a flexible childcare specialist but primarily focused on daytime support.

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