Meet Kendal - Dog & Pet Doula

Kendal is a High School Junior and is currently enrolled with the Healthcare Occupations Program at her school. Throughout this program, she has earned her BLS/CPR certification, and is OSHA and FEMA certified.


After high school, she is planning on going to college to realize her dreams of becoming a Marine biologist. Kendal has grown up fostering small breed dogs in her home. She has experience with cats, birds, rabbits, and fish (salt and fresh water). Kendal has a very patient approach with dogs and cats, giving her the opportunity to create a strong bond with animals. Kendal will shower your pet with the individualized love and attention it deserves.


Some of Kendal’s hobbies include fishing, hiking, catching turtles/frogs and gardening. Kendal is a Volleyball player, which she considers a big part of her life. Kendal is educated in animal first aide, and is part of Ski Patrol at her local mountain.

Don’t just hire someone to “let the dog out”.

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*Serving all pets large and small.