Birth Doula Profile - Kaleigh Carroll

After getting her Bachelor’s degree in Child and Family Studies, Kaleigh’s interest in children, families, and social resources grew into a passion for healthy families and positive outcomes for children. To her, it only made sense that these things start at the birth of a child! 


Kaleigh was in the room when her oldest sister had her first baby. Her sister chose to have a natural birth, and her nephew came out beautiful and healthy at a whopping 9 pounds, 10 ounces! Her sister had a lot of support from midwives, a lactation consultant, even a baby masseuse. After seeing what a difference these professionals made in her sister’s birth experience and life after with a baby, Kaleigh knew she wanted to help bring that extra support, empowerment, and knowledge of resources to moms in Southern Louisiana.


She has been trained through Doulas of North America International (DONA). Kaleigh believes her job as a doula is to support your decisions, share her knowledge to assist in informed decisions, and bring comfort to you and your family.  She is committed to providing all of these as best fits you and your family’s personal, religious, and medical needs. 

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