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Birth Doula Profile - Jessica Bois

Jessica’s passion for a doula’s work began during the birth of her own son, when her nurse supported her with techniques learned in a recent doula training. The energy shifted in the delivery room, and Jessica experienced a focus and power that had not been present beforehand.


Since the birth of her son in 2018, with the doula profession always in the back of her mind, Jessica focused on the blessing of raising her son and building her private practice on Cape Cod, where she works as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. In 2021, she began training as a perinatal mental health counselor to support pregnant individuals struggling with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. She felt it was time to explore her passion further, completed her training as a birth doula through DONA International, and is now working towards certification. It is her core belief that individuals, parents, and expecting parents can thrive by providing them with a strong support system, by replacing fear with knowledge through evidence based psychoeducation, by amplifying their voices, and building empowerment from within.


When she isn’t working, Jessica enjoys traveling to her hometown of Montreal, knitting, playing with her son at the beach, and fishing with her husband. She is looking forward to supporting your family through this exciting journey in your lives!

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