Doula Profile - Jesse Sohmer
Birth and Post Partum Doula

Jesse is a mother of four, who currently lives in Duxbury, Massachusetts, with her youngest son, a sophomore in high school, and her three dogs. She is compassionate and loving, with a wonderful sense of humor. Her family, both immediate and extended, is her most cherished part of life. She is the youngest of ten children and spent much of her teenage years with her young nieces and nephews. This is where she developed a deep love for babies, children, and family. During her pregnancies and postpartum period, she was graced with the loving support and care of her older sisters.  Although they were not trained doulas, she felt her family was nurtured, educated, and supported just the same. Her nieces and nephews, are now adults having their own children. They often call on Jesse for support with their newborns and toddlers, which she thoroughly enjoys.

Before starting a family, Jesse was a second grade teacher in Boston and Connecticut. Over the years, she has volunteered on many school

committees and worked in a play space at a local homeless shelter. Along with her Doula work, she currently serves on the Educational & Development Committee of The Family Council for The JM Huber Corporation.

While raising her children, and taking care of a husband with heart failure, transplant, and chronic kidney disease, her family had wonderful support from those close to her and those she never met. She learned that it truly “takes a village”. She has felt strongly about giving back to families.


After exploring many options, she began training with DONA International, and found her passion. Currently she is working toward birth and postpartum certification. She is also a team member of the Birthing Gently Maternal Health Program.


Jesse believes in the importance of being proactive. We need to educate ourselves, advocate for ourselves, and make informed decisions, while treating everyone with respect and equality. With this philosophy, she navigates through her life as mother, sibling, friend, and Doula. When faced with challenges, Jesse always perseveres by staying calm, loving, and supportive. Because of her time in and out of medical facilities, she is very comfortable assisting families in the home and hospital setting. With her nurturing manner, she knows the value of supporting the family throughout pregnancy, labor, birth, infancy, and postpartum.

Whether it’s the ocean, mountains, tennis, or just a walk in the neighborhood with her dogs, the outdoors brings great joy to Jesse. Another one of her passions is cooking. In her eyes, there is nothing better than sharing a big pot of soup, salad, and crusty bread with family, friends, and sometimes unexpected visitors.