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Birth Doula Profile - Jennifer Rogers PCD/CD(DONA)

“Babies are such a nice way to start people.”-Don Herold (US cartoonist and humorist, 1889-1966)

Jennifer’s goal as a birth doula is to educate, inform and assist her clients to have the birth experience they desire and to continue to support them as they begin their lives as parents.  She is so impressed with the options open to women today and feels it is important for women to have real choices and make informed decisions regarding their care.  During prenatal meetings she spends a lot of time sharing information about the physiology of birth, so her clients understand the differences between an unmedicated vaginal birth and a birth with interventions.  She also discusses nutrition, comfort measures, exercises and the process of labor itself.  During labor, she works together to find the best measures for each individual, knowing that at all times it is the health and safety of the baby and mother that are most important. 

She considers it an honor and a privilege to participate in such an intimate and special time in the life of a family as the birth of a child.


When she gave birth to her two children several years ago, she had to argue with her physicians in order to have a so-called natural childbirth.  Nevertheless, she advocated on her own behalf and successfully delivered her babies without medication.  Her own experiences were fulfilling beyond words.  She has always looked upon her terms of pregnancy and birthing as among the best of her accomplishments.  She spent a number of years in the corporate world where she had to be able to appreciate and understand all levels of employees from the most modest positions to the Chairman of the Board.  The most important thing she learned was to listen and to affirm what she was hearing.  This skill has carried over into her experience as a doula.  It is important to really hear what a client is saying – reading between the lines if you will.  Sometimes what is not being said is even more important that what is being expressed.  Without a doubt, she loves being a doula and appreciates it more than any other work she’s done.


Jennifer is a graduate of Smith College and Geneva School of Business.  She has two adult children and two outstanding grandsons.  She and her husband live in Andover, MA, and Bowerbank, ME.  Her certifications as a birth and postpartum doula are through DONA International.  If she were to claim a specialty, it would be that she believes she is a good teacher and can make the process of birth understandable, to be regarded as a natural function. She’s fortunate that she’s able to limit the number of clients with whom she contracts, which almost ensures that, barring illness or accident,  she will be present for her clients’ labor and delivery.

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