Birth Doula Profile - Jeanne Marie Mirabella MA, LPC, NCC, PMH-C, CLC

Jeanne Marie Mirabella is a counselor (LPC) in private practice, serving adolescents, adults, couples, families and groups. She a full spectrum doula and lactation counselor (CLC).  General mental health practice including but not limited to grief and bereavement, perinatal mental health (PMH-C), LGBTQI+, risk reduction, public health, people with special needs and their families...She is also a birth worker, providing full spectrum doula services, and lactation counseling, as well as end of life doula services.  All of her services are fully inclusive and affirming of all people as they live their lives. 


Jeanne Marie has many years of training and experience in providing direct client services.  Additionally, she has led hundreds of workshops and trainings for community based groups, schools and businesses.  

Jeanne looks forward to hearing from you.