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Birth Doula Profile - Janice Phillips 

Janice feels it is an honor when she is chosen by a family to be part of their birth team during one of the most formative experiences in their life.  Any birth can be a fulfilling and positive experience when the mother and her partner feel supported in making decisions that are right for them during their birth.  You will often hear Janice stating that there is “no wrong way to have a baby”.  To her, it is most important that you remain an active part of the decision-making surrounding your birth and have the physical and emotional support you need throughout the process.


Janice has been a professional doula since 2009 and she feels she couldn’t have made a better career choice.  She has supported families through planned cesarean births, medicated vaginal births, unmedicated vaginal births, very long births, very quick births, and everything in between.  Janice feels well equipped to support families however their birth may unfold and is particularly able to help families adapt as their birth evolves.  For Janice, guiding mothers and families through birth is second nature and she serves as a calming influence during a time that can be wrought with fear of the unknown.  Each birth is amazing, unique, and special and it is a privilege to be part of that.

Janice enjoys supporting all different types of families with various plans for their birth.  Additionally, she particularly likes to support families who are attempting to have a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean).  When not supporting mothers and families, you will find Janice running with friends or training for triathlons and you will often find her shuttling her kids around to activities.

She looks forward to connecting with you about your birth.

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