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Birth Doula Profile - Isabelle Shallcross

Isabelle is a birth doula serving families in the five boroughs of New York City. She is originally from Birmingham, Alabama. She believes that emotional support should be available to every person experiencing pregnancy and birth. Creating a judgment-free, nurturing environment for all mothers, regardless of their birth or parenting choices, is her main goal. As she watched her friends go through upsetting experiences at various hospitals during severe illnesses, Isabelle made it her aim to create a supportive space for all female-identifying people.

Isabelle believes that every person is the authority on their own body and story. Thus, her goal is to empower every mother to request what they need in the medical environment. Isabelle enjoys supporting all people giving birth, no matter their gender identity, size, sexual orientation, or choices about a medicated, natural, or cesarean birth.

In addition to being a doula, Isabelle is passionate about working with trauma survivors. She is a Rape Crisis Counselor, certified by the New York State Department of Health. She provides trauma counseling, safety planning, and crisis intervention as a volunteer at the NYC Anti-Violence Project's 24-hour hotline. 


Isabelle incorporates acupressure, stretching, and meditation into her doula work. She believes that gentleness and strength go hand-in-hand, and looks forward to listening to you and learning how to support you in the way you need during one of the most important events of your life.

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