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Must-have items

You'll be glad you have these with you!!

1. Smartphone, Charger, Cords (extra battery, battery charger, and cord are nice too!)

2. An extra bag to put things in when you come leave with more than you went in with

3. Cash/change for hospital vending machines, gift shop purchases

4. Flip flops for the shower

5. Hair accessories: ponytail holders, hair elastics, hair clips, stretchy headband to keep hair off your face. Hairbrush/comb

6. Homecoming outfit for baby & yourself

7. Clothing: a nursing bra or tank tops, comfortable underwear, sleepwear, robe, slippers/heavy socks

8. Important documents: copies of the birth plan if you're using one, photo ID, health insurance documents/cards, any hospital forms

9. Relaxation tools: back massager, squeeze balls for stress relief, relaxing music, massage lotion/oil

10. Toiletries - including chapstick!


Any must have's that you wish you'd known about?  Let us know! Share your comments below!

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