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Birth Doula Profile - Ila Lowder, RN

My name is Ila Lowder. I am a nurse and a doula. I have been a nurse since 2014. I started my nursing career in geriatrics where I fell in love with helping the elderly but knew this was not my calling in life, so I continued to pursue a job in Labor and Delivery. I started labor and delivery in 2017. I have loved helping mothers and their partners through my job as a nurse. I have learned so much but, just as before I knew I didn't want to just stop there, I knew I wanted to offer more. 


I made the decision to become a doula and help women throughout the entire experience; build a relationship, educate, and empower each woman to make the choices she feels is best for her body, her birth, her experience. I love nothing more than watching a woman learn, choose, and enjoy the journey of caring and delivering her sweet baby in the way everyone deserves.


As a doula I do not take the place of the partner. My job is to get to know both parents and gently guide them through the journey, as they strengthen the bond as parents with their new baby. 

Please feel free to reach out with any and all questions you may have about conceiving, pregnancy, labor and delivery, breastfeeding, and postpartum. 

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