Meet Hunter - Dog & Pet Doula
Hunter Cert Dog.png

Hunter is a college student majoring in Wildlife and Conservation Biology, and graduated with Honors from Central Catholic High School.


Hunter is passionate about many animals, and has extensive experience working with dogs, cats, reptiles, and amphibians. Hunter has a natural, gentle and calming personality, which allows him to bond with the animals quickly. He is patient and meticulous about animal care - feeding, exercise and other important routines.

Hunter is wonderful with a wide spectrum of dog personalities - from very high energy to very shy.


Some of Hunter's hobbies are fishing, camping, catching frogs/snakes/turtles, bird watching and hiking. Growing up with animals has allowed him to gain valuable knowledge about animals both wild and domesticated. Hunter also has years of pet sitting experience. Hunter is currently accepting clients through Birthing Gently to ensure all pets are cared for during this special transition. Your dog deserves a doula too.

Fear Free Pet Sitter Certified 


Don’t just hire someone to “let the dog out”.

Hire a “Dog Doula” today!

*Serving all pets large and small.