Birth Doula Profile - Gaelle Manoli

Gaelle Manoli currently lives in Boston, MA. In July 2021, she completed her doula training through Doulas of North America International (DONA) and she is hoping to be certified through DONA soon.  


Gaelle brings compassion and a positive aura with her. She has an understanding of trauma, and is capable of adapting to stressful and unplanned situations. Her role as a social worker has placed her in several situations to empower her clients to advocate for themselves which is essential as a doula.


She graduated from the University of Rhode Island with her bachelors in Human Development and Family Studies with a concentration in Child Development. Gaelle has worked as an infant teacher, a home based specialist and currently a Social Worker. She truly believes that a positive connection between a child and a parent begins at birth; what better way to help establish this connection early on than as a doula. 


She has witnessed some friends and family not have the birth they planned for during labor.  She strongly believes that women in labor should have the right to speak up for themselves, to be heard, and ensure that their needs are being met. She also believes that mothers should have support in sticking to their birth plan as much as possible. If a birthing person feels empowered and supported during labor, the likelihood of them feeling safe and positive about their birth increases. 


When Gaelle is not attending births, she can be found reading books, listening to music, and dancing. 


She looks forward to working with you during this new chapter in your life !